Owning vs. Renting Fort Atkinson Homes

When you pay rent, you build equity in your landlord’s property. When you pay a mortgage, you build equity in your own property. It’s that simple. What’s more, you can deduct interest from your mortgage and property tax payments on your income tax return.

To help evaluate the financial benefits of home-ownership, we’ve crunched the numbers. The figures shown below represent a typical situation in the Jefferson County.* But the difference is clear home ownership has its benefits.

The Costs



Sale Price N/A $240,000
Down Payment N/A $12,000
Closing Costs and Fees N/A $0
Property Taxes N/A $4,370
Loan Amount N/A $228,000
Interest Rate N/A 4.5%
Annual Insurance Premium $120 $360
Tax Bracket 25% 25%
Annual Appreciation N/A 3%


Monthly Payments

Rent/Monthly Principal & Interest $950 $1,155
Monthly Deposit for Taxes N/A $364
Monthly Deposit for Insurance $10 $30
Private Mortgage Insurance N/A $0
Total Monthly Payment $960 $1,549
Income Tax Savings N/A $374
Monthly Payment After Taxes $960 $1,175
Property Appreciation Per Month $0 $600
Net Monthly Cost $960 $575
Market Value After 1 Year N/A $247,200


(Figures are only meant to serve as an example and cannot be guaranteed due to varying lenders’ charges, interest rates, personal taxes, property taxes, insurance, and appreciation.)